Surveillance Security System:

Video is an integral and critical part of an organisation’s security strategy. Organization expect 24×7 live monitoring and tracking of events. Proactive solution, bandwidth and storage optimisation, ease of management and reliability are the hallmarks for selecting the a professional video surveillance system.

Beside providing industry specific solution, we also offer integrated solutions to our customers by integrating there existing solutions like weigh-bridge, access control system, fire alarm system, intruder alarm system, POS system, etc. This enables organisation to exercise greater control over their systems , thereby increasing output manifolds.          

Video Analytics is the capacity through which organisation will automatically analysing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. The technical capacity of video analytics is used in wide range of domains including home automation that also helps to detect flame or smoke in defined area. Video Analytics relies on good input video, so it often combined with video enhancement technologies such as video demonising , image stabilisation, unsharp masking and super-resolution.


  • Analog Video Surveillance
  • DVR
  • Analog Dome Camera
  • Analog Bullet Camera
  • Analog PTz Camera
  • IP Video Surveillance
  • HVR
  • NVR
  • IP Dome Camera
  • IP Bullet Camera
  • IP PTZ Camera


Managing video surveillance for large and multi-location organisations is a different ball game compared to simple video surveillance for small organisations. Enterprise size, scale, structure and diversity can add to the challenges. Multiple and far-flung offices, plants, branches and warehouses operating in different time-zones further add to the difficulties. Complexity increases exponentially with an increase in the number of locations and number of cameras at each location. Moreover, a video surveillance solution needs to adapt to existing enterprise networking and IT infrastructure. Add human and local law facts and we get a complete picture of real-life challenges in designing, building and implementing a centralised, efficient, reliable and proactive video surveillance solution for an enterprise.

  • Basic Video Surveillance
  • Face Detection
  • Crowd Management
  • Parking Management